The ultimate health and fitness system for your skin

Here at Broom Mill, we constantly promote the importance of skin care, through education and an informed choice of products.

We are now taking this one step further, to empower our clients so that they have a more pro-active role in their journey towards achieving their skincare goals.

By establishing a framework to our treatments, instead of simply providing a list, it is easy to see how they fit into the overall picture and, therefore, make it easier to plan your journey and add on a detour when necessary!

Broom Mill Skin Bar Fitness Programme

Your journey starts from your first contact with us.

Initially, we allocate an hour long appointment for an in-depth consultation and a microzone facial with skin analysis, so that we can carefully asses your skin's needs and establish realistic skincare goals. This costs £30 and may include patch tests.

We also find out about your lifestyle, so that we can assess what time you have available for salon appointments and how to fit in a good homecare routine.


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We establish whether you want to carry on using your current products or if you are gradually looking to change over to Dermalogica. This instantly removes the dread of being subjected to a sales pitch and allows you to relax and enjoy your treatment.

We also have a frank dialogue about budgeting, so that you can relax with no fear of hidden extras. We can also advise on how best to achieve your skincare goals in a way that you are comfortable with.

We also explain how our system works and how easy it is to layer treatments from each section. You can even switch across totally if circumstances change, because the system is so flexible.

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